Hollywood vs. New York

The Day After Tomorrow

I love mashups. Love ’em. The new meaning derived from clever juxtaposition of images (often well-known ones) is intoxicating to me. It’s a rising genre within the arena of short web videos, and demands a variety of abilities ranging from insane editing skills, good taste, knowledge of film history and more. As both an avid film buff and film editor, I feel I should make one myself, but I’m hesitating – simply because the best ones are so damn fantastic.

Which brings me to the mashup posted today at TickleBooth, created by Goodiebag.tv, and probably the very best one I’ve seen this fall. Not only does it feature New York, a city so many brilliant filmmakers’ve caressed with their cameras, but this clip – appropriately titled Hollywood vs. New York – is also an homage to a genre I love: The Disaster Film. Though, no video mashup with a New York theme can be successful without referencing Woody Allen, so Goodiebag’s choice of music makes me particularly happy. Get ready for a load of awesome: