Rewriting Subtitles to Cinema

Welcome to Subtitles to Cinema, dear reader.

Close-up by Abbas Kiarostami

«Close-up» (1990, Kiarostami)

So, where was I? Oh, yeah: A few years ago, I started an English language blog called Subtitles to Cinema (archives). I tried hard to write only when there was something important to write, with correct enough English to not completely embarass myself. (It is not my first language.) Obviously, this was too hard to keep up. So, the blog slowly disappeared from my routine – and in 2009 it has been a shadow of its former self, like a flower not blooming in spring. A dead blog, which the web has no use for. But –

CUT TO Early 2009. My friend Eirik and I finally decided to realize an idea:, a Norwegian web magazine for film lovers. We’ve built it with a great group of colleagues, and now after summer we’ve decided to go blog. Our society of bloggers is fledging, and hence – Subtitles to Cinema is now reborn, rewritten and revisioned, and hosted here on Montages.

But what will this blog contain? I’m trying to describe it in a short, concise way in the column to the right, but here’s what I wrote on the old incarnation:

Film is a fascinating language, and at this blog I’ll try to write about all kinds of cinema – and use the blog as a sort of subtitle track to films I’ve seen or would like to see. Hopefully, it will be of use for you, my dear readers. As an avid reader myself, I’ll also use this blog to share what I read, watch and listen to on the web – and point to the good stuff.

It still pretty much sums up my reasons for keeping an English language blog at all. So, I’ll go at it again – I hope it leads somewhere interesting and new, even for myself. Please feel free to comment and participate in whatever will go down on these pages – it’ll be more fun that way.