Stikkord: ‘Video’

23. March 2010

Tokyo Glow is indeed glowing.

As time has shown, this blog is (currently) mostly about sharing and commenting on brilliant web videos. And nothing wrong about that, yet I’m …

30. November 2009

Hollywood vs. New York

I love mashups. Love ’em. The new meaning derived from clever juxtaposition of images (often well-known ones) is intoxicating to me. It’s a rising … [1]

1. October 2009

Urban Nature

Via TickleBooth, I discovered Urban Nature, a gorgeous, poetic documentary by Alex Horner. His images captures the connection and contrast between nature, industrial landscapes … [1]

22. September 2009

Who’s watching it? A look into the subjective POV.

This is not going to be a long piece – but I want to write a passage about this: The use of subjective point-of-view. … [6]